Words War

Created At 2018-11-15
LastUpdated : 2018-11-15
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Version : V 1.0


Got your cat lying around? Wanna teach them some words? Well, look further because this game didn't allow you to teach your cat anyword at all. However, you can teach Shifty to learn some word by spelling it out for him.

In this game you (yes You!) will literally have a conversation with the enemy and also type some word to counter the boss. However since i'm not really a good writer, let's just get to the main features shall we ?

Reuirements :

  • Operating System : Windows 10 (Do your computer a favor will you?)

Featuring :

  • A cat
  • A plane
  • A cat in a plane
  • A gecko? in a space ship
  • A story about a cat in plane fighting geckos in space ship
  • A combination of typing game and speaking game
  • Talk with a boss section
  • Talk with Shifty section
  • And many more!

Just try it! The game is pretty lightweight you know!

Change Log

V 1.0

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