Rocket Lander - A Space Shuttle SImulation

Created At 2018-08-03
LastUpdated : 2018-08-03
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Version : V 1.0


So this is another game made in Global Game Jam 2018 with my team. This one is purely made for fun only without thinking further. It somehow took only few hours to make and we get a lot of joy by making it. While other teams take their game seriously, our team did the opposite and made it just for fun. We even frequently move around and sleep or chat while other team still trying to finish their game. In the second day (since global game jam is 48 Hours long) our team decided to take it even further by including some people who probably love rocket like Donald Trumph, King Jong Un, and Elon Musk. And take even further by making all the sound (including the music) using our voice recorded by ordinary smartphone (No Studio Equipment was used to make this game).

And yeah, its available for Windows and Android.


  • Lots of joy. We are not paid to work seriously for 48 Hours right?
  • Simple user Interface. Literally Simple.
  • A Bit Realistic Physic system. Try to pop one of the rocket engine and see what happen.
  • Funny Music and Sound. Literally funny!

Try it! You will laugh in the homescreen!

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V 1.0

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