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Created At 2018-08-02
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Hi guys, after learning alot about PHP, i decided to create my own PHP framework. It was the result of learning how to use native PHP because somehow i don't really like to learn by using framework and much more prefer to learn about the langguage itself so i can learn all of its features. However learning the PHP itself is not the only reason why i am creating this framework but im looking to test my understanding about the langguage itself. Because there is nothing called "General Purposes Framework".

This Framework mainly used to create website in my old server which is It's running in PHP 7.0 with a Litespeed webserver which is great. It's somehow faster than using Code Igniter or Laravel because you know, it is a simple framework. This framework was designed with Lazy Load principle which somehow i think will be usefull in an interpreted langguage.

Features :

  1. Lazy Loading. Yeah, Get Lazy Everyone!
  2. Parametric and Static Routing. That Parametric routing is the most usefull i think.
  3. File Based Cache System. I don't have access to Memcache and Redis at the moment so i think file will be very usefull for storing object.
  4. Dynamic To Static Page. All of this Dynamic Page should be static if possible right?
  5. Blade Templating. I must admit that Laravel's templating system is really usefull. Hence i decided to bring it in this framework. It also interchangeable with old style php way of templating <?php echo 'Something'; ?>.
  6. Parameter Binding to MySQL databases. I use it alot to prevent sql injection.
  7. Basic Security Function. It automatically sanitize your input in case you forgot to do it.
  8. A Bunch of Utility Function. Yeah a bunch of it!

Bear in mind that this is just a toy project. Hence you should take it with a bucket of salt!

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