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Created At 2018-07-08
LastUpdated : 2018-07-10
Category : Game
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Version : 1.0


An endless shooter game made at Global Game Jam 2017. Defend the earth from Alien Invasion. Upgrade your space canon to better secure the Earth. Available for Android and Windows.


  • A not very good upgrade system. Including Missile, Laser, Shield and another stat based upgrade system.
  • Some type of enemies that randomly spawn near you.
  • Pretty good music.
  • A high score system to show offto your friend.
  • An Endless shooter game.
  • A decent graphic.
  • An angry team when looking at the internet speed.

Credits To :

  • Ali Ishaq as Designer
  • Diah Rachmawati as Artist
  • Achman Syarif Hidayat as Programmer
  • Firman Maulana (Me) as Programmer

Change Log

Version 1.0

-Fixed some bugs.
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