Why You Should Moderate Comments

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Why You Should Moderate Comments

Comment moderation might be boring, but if you just allow anyone to post a comment on your site, then might be you should read this.

I have seen a lot of comments in some website. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. Spam are somehow a bad thing. Your visitor don't want to see any spam on your website. So does you right? Well if that doesn't motivate you then here is some reason why you should moderate your comments. 

  • Prevent Spammer. You don't want a bot to write some spam at your site don't you? When people visit a site with lots of spam in their comment section, they usually think that you don't care with your own site then why they must care with your contents?
  • Get rid of unwanted Advertisement. Those people who promote their product at your post must be stoped. Not only they doesn't pay you, but they also disrupt your visitor view, especially when their products are bad or not appropriate for your content (if you know what i mean). 
  • Prevent flaming. Those extra time to filter out your comments might save your post from getting turned into a flame war. You don't want to see people yelling at each other don't you? 
  • Prevent Bad link building. Some people say that having a bad outbound link at your site might decrease your SEO rank. However its best to prevent it than have to rebuild your SEO rank again. 

Well, i think that's all i can share with you today. If you like it please share or leave  a comment below. 

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