Why Do I Move To Game Industry

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Why Do I Move To Game Industry

Have you ever thinking about getting into a game industry? Have you ever though to make some games on your own and see other player happy playing with it? Or maybe you just wanted to know why in this planet that i move to Game Industry. Well, you can find it more in this place. 

Game industry is one of the creative industry on the market. Its an industry that requires knowledge from multiple discipline to make it work. An industry that is the most complete form of art. Where most skill probably matter. For example if you are good at making 2D arts you can be a 2D artist, or if you good at programming, you can be a game programmer. Not to mention that there is a game tester role in the market. 

Okay, lets start with the external reason why i am interested in the game industry. First, lets look at which tech giant started to jump or already diving in the game industry, here we got Sony , Amazon and Microsoft. Why do Amazon interested in making their own game engine based on CryEngine and named it Amazon Lumberyard in the first place, why Microsoft created XBOX. Why do Sony bother creating PlayStation. They're all thinking that it will be a good industry in the future and it was right. Now if you roam around in Youtube, you will. Mostly see a Youtube video talking about game. That's because people like it. And now Google want to release their own platform to somehow "compete" with them. And you still thinking that game industry is bad? They are "in the game" now. 

Well that's the external motivation, now lets get to internal motivation. At first i have to tell you that i am gamer. I do play game on daily basis but right now i am more likely to make some game than playing them. Mostly because i am interested in programming in the first place. After i went to college to study computer science, i learn lots of things and basically fascinated with computer. I started doing online competitive programming which is fun at first until i decided to leave it because you know, a green tick with words "Accepted" on it no longer makes me happy. Its like i am being useless selfish person that only care for myself when some of my tuition money are paid by the government (from tax i think). But does moving to the game industry is the same thing? Well at first, i am also thinking like that but after i am visiting lots of seminar about startup i decided to start one by my self. However it still end up as a side hobby instead of full blown startup since i still has a lot to learn. Sure competitive programming makes you smarter in algorithm but however software industry is not all about algorithm. I am still doing it sometime but i am changing my focus to game industry instead competitive programming.

When i started learning to make games, i tried to use many kind of tools from Blender's game engine to pretty low level game library like sfml. However i feel the blender one is not challenging and sfml is over complicated. However i ended up using Unity Engine as its bring perfect balance between productivity and challenge. 

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