Relaunching Of Rendoru.Com

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Relaunching Of Rendoru.Com

Its been a while since i moved from to There is a reason behind this. Some of them are technical and some of them are purely something i want to do. This migration means a relaunch / restart of my journey. Sure this site will be mostly talking about my experience right now since i am the one who built it from scratch.

Why Relauching?

After reading some life advice and some self help books i decided to rebuilt it from scratch. The reason behind this is my old website should be using my name or my online name that i mostly use as a domain name but it used "Renslab" instead since wasn't available at the moment. But now i am able to purchase it back so i decided to relaunch the website. Who is the previous owner then? Well, its actually me. When in my first year in my college i decided to learn web development alone in the first year. I created a simple online CV so i don't have to make any more CV (But ended up creating offline CV anyway). I rent a shared hosting and a domain name for a year. After a while, my college is getting busier than ever so i can't maintain my shared hosting and forgot (don't have enough money actually) to extend the contract. As you can see, i can't just re-buy my old domain name. I need to wait at least a year to buy it back.

Another reason why i relaunch this website because this website is literally a brand new website. It was build with higher technology stack. It uses GO as its backend and combination of MariaDB and Redis as its database system. My old website "" only use PHP and MySQL however it was powered with my old framework. My old framework only have few features at the moment (You can see it here if you really want to know it), it only give caching, routing and templating (Blade, laravel anyone?). It was somehow fast due to its simplicity. Why don't i use framework? Well, because i am still eager to learn and to get most of it, i have to get my hands as dirty as possible. Using laravel will just speed up my development when what i really  need is the knowledge. In fact after creating my own framework i can easily switch to laravel due to my understanding of pure PHP. Then why don't i switch to laravel now? Well, because i don't really like using interpreted and scripting language, in fact i don't really like using PHP after i met GO. Mostly because i am much more happy to get error in front of me instead letting my users see the error. Not only that, Go is built for concurrency by default. It means i can heavily exploit its concurrency for parallel processing which is what i need.

PS: this whole post is written from my android device :') 

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