Programming 101 : The Reason To Be A Programmer

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Programming 101 : The Reason To Be A Programmer

Programmer is a thing that does programming. This thing can also be someone of course. But this someone can also make other thing to avoid doing it.

Well, if you re looking to answer your question about why you should be a programmer, then you had just come to the right place. But remember that this post is purely based on my experience as a programmer. Well, lets start answering your question then.

  1. Talk with machine. Sure this might be weird, but let me explain this. The "talk" here is literally programming then. To talk with them, you have to learn their language. That's mean, you have to learn how to read BINARY! Yeah that one and zero will melt your brain right away. However, you don't really need to learn to read binary if you want to be programmer because someone already invented assembler (Thanks to whoever invented this idea) ! However, this doesn't mean you have to learn assembler too. Because (again) someone already invented human friendly language. 
  2. Automate stuff (Cooler version than your annoying auto correct). Well, this is really interesting because with this knowledge, you don't have to do that boring yet repetitive task you hate. Because it turns out computer are really really great at doing repetitive task. One day, i am thinking about putting my art or product to this site. However to prevent somone from claiming those art as theirs i decided to put small watermark in them (head over to Product and Gallery page). At first i am thinking about putting them one by one but it will be boring as i have to do it every time i want to post something. So i decided to make an auto watermarker that can automatically gives watermark to my images. It saves me a whole lot of time to watch another youtube video.
  3. A Bridge between imagination and logic. Yes you heard it right, it's a bridge. If you really like to test your logic then you can try it by doing some competitive programming. Or maybe you love art and want to create a bot that able to reproduce a nice looking art like in Or maybe you just like to make some games? Well, you can quickly switch between what kind of thing you like to learn next. 
  4. It's a very big field. Computer is a very big field of study. As you can see right now there are so many major in a college that has connection with Computer advancements. You will never get enough about this field of study because you will never finish it. For example, that day when you think that merge sort is the fastest sorting algorithm then that day you need to learn more about computer (Tim Sort and Parallel Merge Sort anyone?) 
  5. You can combine things and watch them communicate with others. Have you ever think why you are able to read this article in the first place. It's fascinating to see how things work together to form a bigger things. For example this site is hosted on a server somewhere in the internet that i can't physically reach it right now. But with the help of the Internet, i can send command to my server without even touching it (my server, not the internet). It even took less than a second to get reply from my server. 

Well i think that's all i can share today, if you want to discuss with me then you can comment below :) 

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