Programming 101 : Picking Your First Programming Language

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Programming 101 : Picking Your First Programming Language

Programming language is one of the thing that most beginner programmer think before start learning to program. Most of them don't really know which one they should learn before starting to learn about programming. Bear in mind that programming is not same with programming languages. So in this post i will help you pick the programming language itself.

1. Python - The Easy Way

Known as easy to learn and has lots of support in the community but somehow lack of performance. You can find python nearly everywhere from console programming to web programming due to its extensibility (thanks to the community itself). It comes as a dynamically typed language which is friendly for beginner and you can directly write the code in its interpreter window. However, this language is somehow slow compared to others in this list. It is also not suitable for programmer who want to know their code is executed in the first place due to its abstraction level. You might have to re learn a lot about other languages if you plan to switch to other language. But if you just like to try how to program then this programming language is for you. 

Commonly used for Machine Learning and other stuff that rely on heavy use of mathematics. Anything that has to be done really quick. 

2. PHP - The Web Developer

Mainly be used for server side programming but can also be used for other thing. Dynamically typed and easy to learn just like python. However it doesn't have the same popularity as python. Running under the Zend Engine which i don't really know how it works. It best suited for someone who just wanted to try web development and want to continue its web development path as this language is one of the most commonly used language in most web hosting provider. 

Facebook, your beloved Wikipedia and Wordpress is built on top of it. 

3. Go - The Google Enthusiasts 

Well go, it stands for gopher. It was a programming language that rise as a respond to provide simplicity in programming highly concurrent system. You can spin up large amount t of goroutines (which is actually a coroutine in other languages) to create highly concurrent system. It mostly known as server side programming language when it's main aim is to become a general purpose programming language. However its role as server side programming language is simply amazing. I recommend you to learn this after you understand PHP and you might notice some different. 

People say it mainly used at google to solve their problem.

4. Java - The Write Once and Run Everywhere

Known for its JVM and DVM (Basically modified version of JVM that runs on your android device). The code made from java can run on so many OSes. But it comes with a drawback that you need to have java installed on your destination machine. However today's PC usually have java built in in thier system which is a good thing. This language are also known to be used on many areas including server side programming and GUI programming. Programming a GUI application is very easy in java compared to other languages and just like the title says, write once and it will run on virtually any platform that has JVM in it. It also has very strict Object Oriented Paradigm in its core which will greatly help you study programming. 

Used to make portable apps including your Android Apps and don't forget about minecraft too. 

5. C# - Microsoft Version Of Java

It actually built because microsoft was prohibited to make changes to java to be better suited for windows machine. This language bring many similarities with java so learning this one can make you easily learn java. Its somehow portable language however since its backed by Microsoft, so many people get away with it. But actually its a nice language with very powerful IDE. Its mostly known for its Net runtime which bring many functionalities in this language. I recommended that you learn this language as it's somehow give between learning curve and how much information you get. 

Used by Unity and Xamarin which somehow pretty good software. 

6. C - The Portable Assembler

This language is somehow very close to assembler. You can get assembler class performance without the difficulties of the assembler. It's usually be used to build Operating System and embedded device. It was known as a portable assembler.  It is somehow pretty easy to learn but can become daunting if you go deeper as its give you many thing that the only limit is your imagination and skill of course. And yeah i forget to tell you that most programming language today are based on this. However this language must be learnt if you are interested in OS programming or small footprint application. 

Used to create many amazing thing.

7. C++ - The C On Steroids 

This one is somehow really looks like C but it actually different. Originally built as C with class but ends up as very complex programming language that the inventor when asked about this language admit that he only understand 70% of it. It somehow bring many useful library but comes with a price of making it more complex. It usually used on performance critical application like games. I'm highly recommend that you learn this language as it provide you with the most knowledge.

Filled with many more things to learn.

Well that's all i can share today, if you still need more information about which one you should pick then leave a comment below :) 

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