New Face Of Rendoru

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New Face Of Rendoru

Hello guys, this is Rendoru here. Sorry for inactivity my college is getting busier and i don't have extra time to spare maintaining this site. But now, i got lots of free time (1 month exactly) to improve this site because i think this site needs some improvement. However, this site will be rebuilt from scratch since its my first time of using Golang and the source code is a messed up.

The new site will be rebuilt using the same language (Golang) but will no longer using old monolithic architecture  instead i will be making small microservice for easier maintanability. Because everytime i need to change something i need to restart the server which may cause some disruption.

Not only this site will be changed but also all of my logo and color scheme will be changed. So, i hope you will like. See you next year ~~

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