Ideas Are Worthless

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Ideas Are Worthless

Maybe you got a great idea. Maybe you think you can sell your idea. But i am sorry to say that your idea are worthless.

Idea is just an idea. Without execution they're basically worthless. Try to tell an investor about your idea without having any resources to make that idea come to reality they will reject your idea. They might even laugh at your idea. 

Lets take a look at Amazon and Alibaba. They're all based on the same idea. Its basically lets sell everything online TM. However, both of them has different execution plan. Now lets take a look at smaller example. Just write your favourite shop near you. Why don't they become as rich as Jack Ma or Jeff Bezoz? Because their execution plan is not good enough. They don't leverage the power of the internet. Now lets take a look at online shop. And again, why they become as rich Jack Ma or Jeff Bezoz? And again, because they don't willing to execute it in bigger scale. Even though they use the same brilliant idea. Their execution plan doesn't support their idea very well. Hence, their idea are worthless. 

If you want your idea to be valuable, then you must show that you can execute your idea. All of them require hard work and lots of time to execute but they're all will be worth it. However, execute it efficiently and effectively so you can grow faster than them. For example, if you can't program and you want to make some apps, then hire people who can program that apps for you. This way you can increase the value of your idea and give you extra time to focus on the other think. You just need to focus on how you execute your idea.

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